It's About TIme

Dan O'Connell-Where he's been

Dan O'Connell was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and it is there he has put down roots of music and life. 

Dan spent 5 years cutting his teeth as singer and guitar player for his first project, Willow James. Over this time, he made a name for himself as the quiet kid with a big voice and songs that get your attention. Many rowdy bars turned into listening rooms to be a part of the emotion conveyed. As the interest of alternative pursuits came about, the band went their separate ways.

Dan took some time and began working towards becoming a solo act. Through 2021, with great support of friends and family, Dan's first solo release, "It's About Time" came to be. The Americana EP does a great job of conveying the somber mood that is derived from the core of these songs and portrayed when seeing Dan live. Set to come out mid 2022 and showcases 5 songs told in his unique voice and you can see these performed in dark barrooms, patios, and even backyards if someone wants to put something together. "Letting the songs be heard is what matters," Dan says. "I'll take a 10 or 20 person intimate setting whenever I can," he continues. See him out around Dallas, Ft Worth and all over Texas in 2022.